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Fergal the frog with fly Did you know...?

The River Trent has many uses. You may not realize it, but the Trent could be very important to your life everyday.

The River Trent is used for:

bulletDrinking water - Water from the River Trent and its tributaries feeds reservoirs that provide many of us with our drinking water.
bulletTransport - The River Trent has played an important part in the transport of many goods in the past. The Trent has been used for trade as early as the 12th century. It has transported coal, pottery, beer, corn and many more things. With the growth of road and rail the rivers are used less for transport.
bulletPower - There are many power stations by the side of the River Trent, and other rivers. The power stations use coal to heat water until it turns into steam. The steam turns turbines that make electricity. Huge amounts of water are needed by the stations which is why they are built by big rivers.
bulletLeisure - You can have a lot of fun on a river. You can go rowing, canoeing, boating, water-skiing and fishing.
bulletConstruction - Gravel and sand from the Trent are used in buildings.