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The River Trent is 274 kilometres (171 miles) long, beginning at it's source in North Staffordshire and ending at it's mouth where the Trent joins the Humber Estuary.


The Trent is one of only two bore rivers in England.This means that the Trent is tidal, and, like the sea, has a tide twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The picture below shows the tide moving up the Trent. This picture was taken close to the mouth of the Trent where the waves of the tide are best seen. The other bore river is the River Severn.

Photo of the Trent bore


There are about 35 different types of fish living in the River Trent, the main types being roach, chub, dace, bream, carp, pike and gudgeon. There are salmon and eels too.