Welcome to the web database of images from all over the world. This world map will enable you to look at pictures of places. The map is hot!! even in the cold places! Click on a magnifying glass or a camera to discover the world.

Click on a continent to zoom in!

If you think you could spot where a picture was taken. Try and identify our Where in the World images, and locate them with the map viewer.

We welcome further images of places anywhere in the world to add to this database.

We need:

the image
a question or a title
location, place and country
the photographer (and age)
Three sentences about the picture. This could be why you took that picture.  It could be other sounds and smells that you were experiencing at the time you took the picture. It could be what people were saying.
Return address for the photographs.

Please note that not all the images can be included.  Please note that by submitting these photographs you are making them available for anybody to use. You should sign a disclaimer saying that there are no copyright implications for Staffordshire.


This project was part of the Geography Action Week 'Geography through the Window' organised by the Geographical Association in 1998

With thanks to all pupils (and their parents!), teachers and support staff from Staffordshire Schools who contributed.

With special thanks to: